We keep financial planning separate from financial intermediation to eliminate bias.

Transparency - Integrity - Impartiality

The Association of Non-Intermediating Financial Planners (ANIFP) is a trade association that represents the interests of non-intermediating financial planning firms to relevant regulators and policy makers impacting the global financial adviser marketplace. The Association of Non-Intermediating Financial Planners was founded in 2020 and is based in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom.

We have decades of experience at the very top of the financial industry and an unprecedented depth of professional expertise to deliver you results.

Expert! Experienced! Empathetic!

Award winning financial planning experts since 1989, we have taught the very latests financial planning techniques to tens of thousands of financial planners for over three decades. We have remained at the very forefront of financial planning innovation and our unique, powerful, unbiased and proprietary approach to financial planning will ensure your best interest always comes first.

Our clients are absolutely delighted with the transformational nature of our financial plans.

Living My Dream Life! UK's Most Trusted! Business Masters Finalist!

Our clients have been absolutely delighted by the huge life transformational changes our plans have delivered over relatively short periods of time. Changes that they could not believe were possible at the beginning, when they were unsure whether to take the first step.

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“There should be a wall, between advice and products, between advice and large institutions, and between our regulators and large institutions. We need an integrity that is impeccable. Until we actually institute a way of bringing good heart, great integrity and a fiduciary relationship that is sustainable into the industry, we are going to fail. We have to make this change, and we have to make it now.”

- George Kinder, father of the financial life planning movement.


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